Realistic plans for once…

Hello from Tokyo!

If you follow my Twitter (full of random annoying stories of my life) you may already know that I’m currently staying two months in Japan. I’m living in this small hostel near Ueno Park aka my favorite place in Tokyo and the life is smiling. Or at least it should be.

I failed at daily blogging for a millionth time. I should be enjoying my life in this interesting city but the guilt is making that hard. My sleeping schedule is totally off so I have been laying awake in my dorm bed. Me doing nothing in darkness is never a good sign. I have plan and that’s second thing you should be careful about when getting to know me!

But jokes aside… I have a plan and for once it may even work. Daily blogging was good idea in theory. It started so well, I had never been so motivated and for a moment everything seemed just fine. However, the problem with me is simple:

If I skip just one day, it will be the end. One day not blogging doesn’t sound so bad but for me it’s the start of “well I will just take second, third, fourth and so on day off” spiral that won’t ever stop. If I would be able to write every day that wouldn’t be so huge problem.

This time my plan is designed for my own needs. I sat in front of imaginary mirror and asked myself what I truly need.

We will start slow.

The aim of my plan is to get my travel, writing, review and business blogs going smoothly but also find way to succeed in social media. SoMe is important part of blogging nowadays but at the same time I’m just struggling with it.

So, how do I archive all this if daily blogging is out of the questions?

I will start slowly and make writing these blogs part of my daily routine. It already worked with Twitter. Last month ai gave extra attention for tweeting and being on twitter. Now it comes almost naturally for me. It’s part of my routine.

This month I will add Instagram and my travel blog to this routine. I want to make one travel post per week but also publish to Insta three times per day.

After those two “new things” feel natural (hopefully next month) it’s time to try out Pinterest one last time. Hopefully I can also start making reviews again.

Then I just add the rest of the blogs to my routine one by one.

If this plan doesn’t work, I’m out of options.

With love,



10 Reasons I Love Living Alone

I think this is going to be new thing to make me write more! So every Sunday list of 10 things. You will get to know what I love, hate or just don’t understand in this world. Funny, right?

Today I wanted to share list of 10 reasons I love living alone (and probably the list of 10 things why my neighbors hate me…) I have now lived three months on my own so it was easy to made this list. Enjoy!


1.I can have late night movie marathon if I want without someone complaining I should be sleeping.

2.Cooking noodles at 4am and watching cat videos from youtube.

3.Sleeping where ever you want in the apartment. Sofa, kitchen floor, under my bed, where ever! 

4.No one is eating my food, touching my stuff or stealing my things.

5.Peaceful quietness around the clock. (Expect when my neighbors decide to sing too loudly in the shower…)

6.Spending all day long in my pajamas and walking around in underwear.

7.Dancing and singing as loudly as I can. No one can hear me so no reasons to be embarrassed. 

8.Being my messy self without anyone minding. (Well expect when someone decides to visit and I have to somehow clean the whole apartment in seconds…)

9.Feeling free fully capable adult. Even if I probably shouldn’t feel that way because I currently live with microwave and school food.

10.All the possibilities living alone makes. I can invite anyone I want to visit me. Be awake and do anything I want at any hour of the day. Go out whenever I want or stay inside the whole day. Just do anything without other people judging me.


Why do you love or hate living alone? Do you disagree or agree with my points?

And like usually remember to check out my “real” blog GoTravelGolbal. And if you want you can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

With love,

Viivi Severina

Diary: Being sick and alienated

Dear diary (and the people on internet),

have you ever felt like you don’t belong in this place? You have liven the whole life in this same place but still never truly called it home. This is me. I’m the person who fits in perfectly but never feels like truly belonging.

I’m sick. And when I’m sick my thoughts run their own ways and that’s why I want to talk for you about not belonging. Right now my sister is laughing with her friends upstairs and my brother is somewhere catching Pokemons with his friends. They are having fun, they know how to live. It’s good that they don’t seem like me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my friends, have fun with them and would do anything for them. BUT… Making friends and spending time together has never been natural for me. It feels awkward and I don’t know how to act. Should I send text or wait on from them? Should I invite them to my house? What should we do together? I have never truly got the etiquette of being friends.

When I was younger I used to think that I must be alien from another planet. I never felt like this place was my home. The people around me were mystery for me and still I seemed to see right trough of them. I admit being scared often and thinking that something must be wrong with me.

Now when I am older the feeling of not belonging is still present in everything I do. Something has changed from my earlier days. I know I am not alien but just a individual with strong sense of not wanting to be part of the mass. I have learned to live with myself. I know I’m not the only one feeling like this and that drives me to write. My voice wants to get heard and soul to seen.
With love and mixed thoughts,

Viivi Severina