More Travel Planning…

Last week I was so excited about my new camera that I totally forgot to write about this trip I planned earlier that week. So, surprise! I am right now writing this weekly wrap-up in plane flying towards Bremen. If you read my travel blog, you probably already knew that but here I am once again traveling towards big adventure.

So last week went by getting ready for my trip and having week full of Eurovision. Firstly about this travel plan. I will be traveling the next two weeks. First to Bremen and then after a few days to London and Brighton. You may be surprised but I studied German for seven years. (I can’t say anything…) So, I have wanted to visit there almost half of my life. I went once to Berlin but we only stayed for one day and only attended to concert.

Brighton has also been on my bucket list forever. I don’t even remember when and from where I first heard about this place but I knew immediately that this city was meant for me. I don’t know if any of you has ever felt it but for me some cities just awake feeling of belonging. Brighton is definitely one of those places.

It was kind if hard to get ready for my trip because at the same time we had crazy Eurovision week. Finland didn’t get in the finals (this is third time in the row but let’s not talk about that…). However, there was some amazing performances this year. That opera pop man was one of my favorites. And as person who loves music mixing different genres to one big mess rapping yodeling just stole my heart.

My opinion of the winner? Well, it wasn’t bad and he doesn’t deserve the hate he gets. I just didn’t like the song and singer’s style personally. Also, I am so happy about Portugal’s win! (And not only because I had been planning to travel to see the Eurovision next year with my friend.) Finland has won once with Lordi so I am always happy for other countries winning for the first time.

Watching Eurovision with family is like tradition and even if I have many friends who don’t care at all what happens in this music competition my family has always been kind of Eurovision freaks. (Not severely but we watch all the semis and final and everything else concerning Eurovision.)

I have nothing else. My week was super boring so nothing more to share. Next Monday will be more interesting and full of pretty travel photos. If I just learn to use my lovely new camera before that… I am hopeless with using it…

With love,

Viivi Severina



Storms and anime


This is my first weekly likes and dislikes post. Starting from now you will get new likes and dislikes post every Monday. Sometimes I may only have couple of things to share and sometimes I may come up with a long list. It really depends how busy week I have had.

But now let’s go to the point and dislikes and likes I had on the past week!



It has been stormy week! Thunder, lightning and hard rain. Yes, it is on my likes list. I have always been the girl who loves storms. It makes me feel somehow peaceful. Crazy, right?


I may be quite late with this but I just found Wattpad. (It’s site where people can write their own books.) I love writing but even more I love reading! It’s amazing how many interesting books there is and all free.

Finnish police and Guns

Yesterday they talked about past Finnish tragedy where police shooting caused people dying and getting hurt (it had been 30 years from that). After this the way Finnish police uses guns had changed. Nowadays police (I mean whole Finnish police force and not just one police officer) only shoots a couple of times per year. And usually those are warning shots.

Bungo Stray Dogs

Anime series (if you don’t know what anime is, it is Japanese cartoon…) Yes, I watch a lot of anime and this is just my newest addiction so be aware of more anime being listed here on the coming weeks.

Bungo Stray Dogs tells about detective agency with people who have “magic” powers. I literally like all solving mysteries things so it’s not surprising I get hooked to this. The characters are interesting and I totally have crush to one of the villains. Hups…


I’m traveling to Tallinn next weekend with my friend.



Criminal Minds: Beyond the Borders

I have loved Criminal Minds for a long time so waiting for this new show was exiting. It was going to add together my two favorites, profiling and traveling. Now when you wonder why it is in my dislikes let me explain. I got disappointed.

I would love this series if I started to look it without knowing about Criminal Minds. However I was waiting for all the lovely psychology and profiling CM has and that never came. It’s more like NCIS and that’s not bad thing but I was hoping for more… Maybe I will still fall in love with this TV-series?

Blogging Problems…

Well… not problems but I have no idea how to evolve. I mean should I buy domain name? Do I use too much photos because my storage in WordPress is starting to end too quickly? I just don’t know what to do!

Problems with school

Shortly I disagree with my family what my dreams should be…



There was everything from last week! I hope you enjoyed. What things did you dislike and like last week?

With love,

Viivi Severina