´╗┐Diary: Train Traveling (Again)

Hello dear diary!

I’m on my way back to home. It’s 2AM but I can’t sleep. I have never been good at sleeping in moving vechicles. I still havefive hours to go before I can enjoy my own confy bed. Last five hours have gone by watching Netflix but now it’s getting boring. So I decided to write about my day here! (Probably bad idea because I’m so tired…Sorry not sorry!)

So today I had my school entrance exams. I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in the school (after getting lost and running for my life so I would not be late…) I think I have quite good changes to get in but it’s still scary. So much depends how well I did in that exam. 

In two weeks I may move to Rovaniemi. Ten hours train trip away from my current home, friends and family. Or if I don’t get in I will go to not so interesting school which is closer to home. So much can change in so small amount of time. I don’t even know when the results will come out!

Well however now back to the exam. One of the tasks was to write motivation letter and explain why would you be fitting to this school. There was only 20 minutes time to write it. I paniced. In the end I explained about my blog and how I only started few months ago and now have 600 followers. I told that it may never be anything but I want to explore my blog writing skills more.

I don’t know if it was good move to tell about it. All the other people in the exam seemed so mature. What if the teachers just think I don’t fit in and am too naivi. I’m so scared. I really wanna get in! This is going to be torture waiting for the results…

But yeah I’m sorry about this mess I call a blog post. My brains are so tired after being awake soon for whole day…

I hope you are having good day!

With love, 

Viivi Severina